British voters were left bereft today at news from the United Nations that the Earth is experiencing a faster rate of biodiversity loss than at any other point in history. With habitats being destroyed quicker than ever due to things like animal agriculture and urbanisation, ever-worsening plastic pollution and millions of species being pushed remorselessy towards complete extinction, members of the public were quick to voice their concerns.

Janice, 54 from Burnley, told us, ‘It’s incredibly worrying. These Brexit negotiations have been going on for too long now. They should have sorted it out ages ago. If anything, I’m livid.’

Paul, 46 from Cheltenham, agreed, ‘Brexit means Brexit. I mean, how hard can it be. When the British people voted to close our borders, that’s what we expected to happen. Now look at us. We’re still waiting for MPs to sort it out. I tell you one thing, I’m never voting again.’

George, 29 from Leicester, had a more pragmatic view on the crisis. ‘This is old news. When I was a kid this was a problem. I think it’s disgusting that it’s still not been tackled on an international level. Its complicated though. Leaving the single market and the customs union is complex enough. I wonder whether the Norway plus plus option would be best for the UK. Blah blah blah… ‘

Dr Emilio Brown, who helped author the report, urged politicians not to ignore the warnings within it.

‘We cannot be complacent about the world’s biodiversity breakdown. Humans are single handedly wrecking this planet and its up to our generation to put a stop to it. I sometimes worry that people don’t take this sort of thing seriously enough.’

‘On the other hand, Brexit is mental isn’t it. I mean, either way we should have seen the end of it. I feel like it’s been going on forever.’

‘I personally think a Canadian style points system is a viable option to consider going forward…’